Why Yes, We ARE Wrapping Things Up Here

Sergeant In Motion: Schlock Mercenary Book 20, is drawing to a close, and with it, we’re wrapping up the twenty-year Schlock Mercenary mega-arc, that huge, daily, serial contiguity I started back in June of 2000.

When it ends, I’ll probably take some time off. That wasn’t the original plan, but these last few months have forced me to strike an uncomfortable balance between productivity and health. It seems appropriate to adjust that balance healthward once the big story is done.

Don’t panic. Schlock Mercenary isn’t going away, and my doctor assures me that I’m not in danger of any immediate terminal decline—at least not beyond the ubiquitous entropic slide endemic to carbon-based life. And hey, life exists by exchanging local order for disorder elsewhere, so I plan to make every effort to keep my molecules nice and organized for as long as possible.

I have lots of stories yet to tell, and the universe of Sergeant Schlock is a fine place in which to tell a great many of them.