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NASFIC This Weekend in Layton, Utah

I’ll be at NASFIC/Westercon/SpikeCon this weekend¹ in Layton Utah with Sandra Tayler and Keliana Tayler. Come see us in the dealer’s room, and admire Keliana’s work in the art show.

Outside of that, you can find Sandra and/or me at the following places and times.

4:30-5:00pm, Aurora Boardroom: Sandra Tayler Reading

12:45-4:15pm, Meridian Stage: Writing Excuses Live
Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, and Howard Tayler, with special guests Jim Butcher, Eric Flint, Laurel K. Hamilton, Janci Patterson, and David Weber

2:00pm, Stratus 9: Authors and Companions Tradecraft
Sandra Tayler, Sharon Rice-Weber, Jonathan Green, and Bridget Correia talk about support systems for creators

5:45pm, Meridian E: Establishing an Interstellar Colony
Howard Tayler moderates a discussion of colonizing the far stars, with Nick Halper, Thea Hutchison, Bill Thomasson, and Toni Weisskopf

11:30am, HIE Boardroom: Howard Tayler Kaffeeklatch
It’s an in-person AMA. Register in advance. Seating is limited.

11:30am, Meridian F: Recreating the Fairy Tale
Sandra Tayler moderates this discussion of why, and how, we work fairy tales into the stories we tell, with Dewey Douglas, Steven Heumann, Wendy Van Camp, and Amy White.

8:00pm, Stratus Hall: Charity Gaming
Charity auction winners can play MUNCHKIN: STARFINDER with the game’s illustrator, Howard Tayler

11:30am, Meridian E: New Takes on Old Tales
Sandra Tayler, Ann Chamberlin, B. Daniel Blatt, Scott William Taylor, and Amy White discuss the appeal of Greek and Roman mythologies, and how we can work these and others into our own work.

¹ NOTE: My work schedule is pretty tight, so I’ll only be available at the show on Friday and Saturday. If you want books sketched in, be sure to come by the dealers room BEFORE Sunday.

WorldCon 76

I’m in San Jose this week for the 76th annual World Science Fiction Convention. I’m not exhibiting, my schedule is light, and I’m Airbnb-ing instead of staying in the convention hotel(s), so it’s a little bit like I’m ghosting.

Here’s my schedule:


  • 10:00 am, room 211c: Mental Health and Craft: Creating with Depression and Anxiety
  • 3:00 pm, autographing area: Autographing! This is your best chance to have me deface your stuff.


  • 12:00 pm, room 210b: Body Language—How to Improve Your Awareness and Use It in Fiction

Most of my time will likely be spent hiding somewhere and working on Schlock Mercenary installments. My GenCon recovery day stretched across half of last week, and these daily comics still don’t draw themselves. Oh, and although my schedule suggests I don’t need to be in San Jose until Saturday, I’m flying out today, Monday the 13th. I have two days of pre-Worldcon recording sessions with the Writing Excuses crew, so this week will be spent entirely out of reach of my usual drawing table…

GenCon Indy! Munchkin Tavern! Worldbuilders Party!

I’ll be at GenCon Indy this week. I’m sharing space with Jim Zub (Skullkickers, Avengers: No Surrender, Wayward) at booth 1649 in the exhibit hall. It’s a huge place, so here’s a map:

We’ll have loads of merchandise, including Planet Mercenary books, Seventy Maxims books, and of course Schlock Mercenary books, including the latest volume, Random Access Memorabilia. 

I’ll also have a portfolio containing close to a hundred pieces of original Munchkin: Starfinder artwork, some of which will be available for purchase.

(We won’t have copies of the game, but if you bring your copy to the booth I can deface it.)

And speaking of Munchkin: Starfinder, I’ll be playing the game at the Worldbuilders charity event on Friday evening, and I’ll be hanging out in the Munchkin Tavern on Saturday.

Here’s my full schedule of events OUTSIDE booth 1649.


  • 10:00am, Austin (Downtown Marriott, 2nd floor)—Crafting Humor for the Page (a solo presentation in which I unpack my joke-refinement toolbox for you, and explain how this stuff works)


  • 10:00am, Ballroom (Downtown Marriott, 2nd floor)—Writing Excuses recording sessions (including one with James S.A. Corey of THE EXPANSE)
  • 4:00pm, Atlanta (Downtown Marriott, 2nd floor)—Urban Fantasy, Why So Serious? (I’m moderating a panel discussion)
  • 6:00pm, Rooms 9 & 10 (J.W Marriott Ballroom)—Worldbuilders Party


  • 12:00pm, Atlanta (Downtown Marriott, 2nd floor)—AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) with Howard and Sandra (come and ask us anything!)
  • 7:00pm, Munchkin Tavern (Tavern on South, 423 W. South Street) — Signing and sketching and stuff

If you catch up with me at the booth, you may get to watch me draw Schlock Mercenary comics.  I’m bringing a week of scripts with me (the week of August 26th through September 1st,) because this is how I go for eighteen years without failing to update.