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This Tuesday, October 16th, we’ll be opening a Kickstarter for print editions of Broken Wind: Schlock Mercenary Volume 14, and Delegates and Delegation: Schlock Mercenary Volume 15.


Each volume has a bonus story at the end, lots of margin art in the middle, and the same top-shelf quality of binding, printing, and glossy paper that Schlock Mercenary fans have come to expect.

The bonus story in Book 14, a tale of the terraforming war, was written by Howard Tayler and illustrated by Ben McSweeney, with colors by Travis Walton. The bonus story in Book 15, a story of mixed greens, parenting, and pirates, was written by Sandra Tayler and illustrated by Natalie Barahona.

We’ll post more details next week when we launch.

WXR18 – Amazing, Yet Again

Sandra and I have returned from the 2018 Writing Excuses Retreat. This was the sixth year the event has been held, and it was the fourth year it’s been held aboard a ship.

It was wonderful.

Sure, I got to see the ship’s medical bay¹, and I’m nine pounds heavier than I was two weeks ago, but it was totally worth it. I ruined comedy for all the students by showing them how the sausage is made, I saw a sunrise take shape across the Gulf of Mexico, and as an unexpected and delightful bonus I got back just in time to celebrate NASA’s 60th birthday on stage for an episode of Houston, We Have a Podcast.²

We’ll open registration for next year’s event sometime in the next three weeks, but you can pencil in some dates on your calendar now.

WXR19 runs from September 13th to the 25th of 2019, starting in Houston, and progressing to Galveston, then setting sail. I think it’s around $1,900 for nine days of writing, instruction, networking, and flash-mobbing one of the bars on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas. 

I’m already looking forward to it, but I’m also quite happy to be home. I’ve got comics to draw, and (at least) nine pounds to lose.

¹ Laryngitis. Very annoying, but at least I was done teaching by that point.
² Our episode will air in mid-October. I’ll link to it, because holy crap I was in the auditorium in NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston and they gave me a live mic.

Out of the Office…

Between now and October 2nd Sandra and I are both out of the office. If you’re shopping with us, your order won’t ship until October 3rd at the earliest.

We’re at WXR-2018, the Writing Excuses Retreat, which sails out of Galveston and floats about the Caribbean for a bit on a great big ship which has some other people on it too.


T-Shirts On Demand

Thanks to the generous support of our Kickstarter backers, we can now provide you with t-shirts on demand. Each design and style has been tested by us (I wore one all day yesterday) to ensure that the print-on-demand shirts meet our standards.

There are four designs available right now, and as soon as our backers have received the last of their rewards, more designs will be released.

On-demand printing for shirts has come a long way since the heady days of 2001 when we first tried doing Schlock Mercenary apparel that way.

Like many people who have been around since the beginning, I was leery of it… based on experiences that were 17 years out of date. These POD shirts are very, very nice, and the on-demand business model means that we don’t have to worry about inventory.

To my mind, the Maxim 63 shirt speaks very nicely to our partnership with on-demand printers. We might retire or update some designs as time goes on, but the thing we won’t ever do again is run out of shirts.