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I don’t travel as much as I used to. I get more work done at home, and I love my family and prefer to spend as much time with them as I can. Of course I also enjoy meeting fans and friends abroad, so I do get out a bit.

If you’re interested in extending an invitation for me to attend your event, email schlockmercenary@gmail.com.

Upcoming Appearances:


  • March 24-26: Salt Lake Comic Con FanX, Salt Lake City, Utah
    I’ll have merchandise, and will be exhibiting in Artist Alley, tables Berry 5 & 6, with my good friend Jim Zub
  • June 2-5: Phoenix Comic Con, Phoenix, Arizona—I’ll have merchandise, and The Writing Excuses team will be appearing there as Guests of Honor, and we’ll likely record some live-audience episodes.
  • August 4-7: Gen Con Indy, Indianapolis, Indiana—I’ll have merchandise, and will be sharing a booth with Jim Zub
  • August 17-21: MidAmeriCon II, Kansas City, Missouri—We’re still evaluating whether or not I’ll have merchandise there, but I’m definitely attending.


Here’s where I’ve been. This is not a complete list (it’s currently missing about ten years of stuff) and it’s not a great way to predict where I’ll be, but patterns may emerge…


  • January 17-19: Legendary ConFusion, Troy, Michigan  — no booth, just panels, and BarCon, and Author D&D
  • February 14-16: RadCon, Pasco, Washington — merch in the dealer’s room, but I’ll mostly be on panels, not signing
  • April 17-19: Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience, Salt Lake City, Utah — We’ll have a booth in the main expo hall, and I’ll be on several panels
  • June 6-8: Lock & Load Gamefest, Bellvue, Washington — no booth. Just panels, and playing games! 
  • July 3-6: Westercon 67, Salt Lake City, Utah — We’ll have a booth in the dealer’s room, and the Writing Excuses crew will be recording numerous episodes with the convention guests.
  • August 14-17: GenCon Indy, Indianapolis, Indiana — Sharing a booth with Tracy Hickman and Jim Zub, #1437. I’ll also be doing panels, and might even be play-testing the Schlock Mercenary RPG some evening…
  • September 4-6: Salt Lake Comic Con, Salt Lake City, Utah — We’ll have a booth in the expo hall, and I’ll be on several panels. This one’s local, so we should have all the merchandise. All of it!
  • November 6-9: World Fantasy, Washington, D.C — no booth! Just me, panels, and barcon. This one’s for relaxing and talking with friends.



  • January 21-24: Back to The ConFusion, Troy, Michigan—Just hanging out. Oh, and running a Planet Mercenary game for some author friends.
  • February 11-13: LTUE, Provo, Utah—I’ll have merchandise, and will be on programming. This is my home-town show, and is one of my favorites.

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