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Two Days Left!

We’re in the final two days of the BIG DUMB OBJECTS Kickstarter project. I’m not as far along on my deliverables as I want to be (the cover is still a few hours from being finished), but we’re on track to get the books, slipcases and add-ons delivered on time.

Click through NOW if you want to get a sketch edition. And if you need a slipcase for your Schlock Mercenary books, now is a good time to reserve yours. Those things take up a lot of warehouse space, and the margins on them are really slim, so we don’t overprint by much.

We’re excited to put this book in your hands, and very happy to have overfunded enough to make some other very cool things.


Progress on the Cover Art!

I’ve been making slow, steady progress on the Big Dumb Objects cover image. The entire process is available on YouTube, and the most recent video is available on my Twitch stream.

As it stands right now, the heavy shading has been been finished in the lower left, but the top of the the giant space-tree, which goes in the upper left, hasn’t even really been started. You can see the trunk of the tree winding behind Tagon, but the inks stop somewhere behind the only-partially-rendered Chisulo.

Follow me on Twitch for “Big Dumb Cover Art 5,” when I’ll tackle that tree, and begin the final shading passes.

Retweet For Glitter!

We’re running a brief social media promotion. It involves Twitter.

We only have about a week before my friend Meg leaves town, and takes their glitter with them. If you want it to happen on video, get thou to a retweetery…


Big Dumb Cover Art: The Zero Audio Edition

Over the weekend I had insomnia, and decided to stream my work on the Big Dumb Objects cover. That video is now available on YouTube.

The audio wasn’t working, and it took me a minute to realize I wasn’t being heard, so I’ve positioned the video at that point in the clip above. I decided not to troubleshoot the audio, and to instead focus on making art.

I’ll be doing this again, only with working audio, so be sure to follow twitch.tv/howardtayler for notifications of the live stream. The next pass of inks will really shape the picture, and should be fun to watch.

We’re still on-track with the Big Dumb Objects Kickstarter, and our first pin design proofs are now pictured on the page. It looks like the pins will be unlocked as add-ons today or tomorrow, so be sure to check them out!