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The Kickstarter is Live! (You have three weeks)

Here’s the two-book Kickstarter for Broken Wind and Delegates and Delegationvolumes 14 and 15 of Schlock Mercenary.

Everything you need to know about the project is over there at the project, and there’s even a FAQ for those things that you need to know, but which we didn’t know you needed to know until your need to know was made known.

Electronic versions of both books are included with your pre-order, and should the project over-fund sufficiently, we have some stretch goals. They include new challenge coins for the fleet of Tagon’s Toughs vessels, an ebook collection of some of my short fiction, and some stretchier goals which we’re keeping hidden for the time being.

We’re excited to finally be putting these two books into print. I love the stories, and I’m pleasantly resigned to the fact that with each book we release we get better at this thing we do. Once Broken Wind and Delegates and Delegation are bound up and laid down on paper they’ll be the best two books we’ve made.

Go get them.


This Tuesday, October 16th, we’ll be opening a Kickstarter for print editions of Broken Wind: Schlock Mercenary Volume 14, and Delegates and Delegation: Schlock Mercenary Volume 15.


Each volume has a bonus story at the end, lots of margin art in the middle, and the same top-shelf quality of binding, printing, and glossy paper that Schlock Mercenary fans have come to expect.

The bonus story in Book 14, a tale of the terraforming war, was written by Howard Tayler and illustrated by Ben McSweeney, with colors by Travis Walton. The bonus story in Book 15, a story of mixed greens, parenting, and pirates, was written by Sandra Tayler and illustrated by Natalie Barahona.

We’ll post more details next week when we launch.

Some Words About This Thing I’ve Been Making

I began creating Schlock Mercenary in March of 2000. That’s 18.25 years ago. It’s 91% of two decades. It’s longer than half my children have been alive. It’s longer than a lot of things.

Book 18, Mandatory Failure, is wrapping up. A week from today we’ll see the first panels of Book 19, A Function of Firepower, and as currently outlined that book should run for about as long as this one did. Sometime in or about the early summer of 2019, Book 20 will begin. That book, which will run for about the length of a book, is outlined in a manner that should wrap things up satisfactorily. The twenty-year-long (by then, anyway) Schlock Mercenary mega-arc will draw to a close.

It might be useful to consider books 18, 19, and 20 as a trilogy, especially in light of the fact that trilogy-style is the way I’m writing them. Book 18 will end with some unresolved threads, which Book 19 will pick up. Book 19 will will also end with some unresolved threads, which Book 20 will pick up.

As to what comes after Book 20, I remain firm in my twin commitments to 1) keep making Schlock Mercenary and 2) not launch another twenty-year story arc. We can talk about those plans in a couple of years. For now I have some comics to ink.

June 6th: “Five Billion Years, Four Panels”

I posted the inks for the June 6th, 2018 Schlock Mercenary installment over at the Schlock Mercenary Patreon a few weeks ago.

Last week I posted the colors, sans dialog, as a work-in-progress treat for patrons.

One such patron (who in this case happens to also be a long-time friend) asked for a wallpaper. The image didn’t really lend itself to that, and about two minutes after I posted that it couldn’t really be done I figured out a nice way to do it.

Line-art by Howard Tayler, colors by Travis Walton. This is a crop of the June 6, 2018 installment of Schlock Mercenary, found a www.schlockmercenary.com

Schlock Mercenary Patreon supporters get things like this from time to time. At the $2.50/month level they also browse the archives a week at a time, and with no ads. If you’d like to browse with similar ease, and get those same digital goodies, head on over and join up!