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This isn’t posts about funny stuff. These are posts I wrote to be funny. They’re probably untrue. Don’t cite me as a reference.

Some Pokémon Go Fan-Art

The embarrassing thing is not that Pokémon Go is the most exercise I’ve had in a year, nor that I still haven’t figured out how to dodge during a raid battle.

The embarrassing thing is that I’ve been playing for three weeks, and I only came up with this today.

Apologies to Niantic, Jim Henson, and all those Valor and Instinct players who find their new affiliation unpleasant.

Note: For those of you who keep track of this kind of thing, the idea hit me around 11am. I put off doing anything about it until 12:10pm. Reference art took about two minutes to locate. Rendering took about 30 minutes. It’s ink and Copic on Deleter manga board.

Absurd and Nerdy

It started with a discussion of logic gates, and the futile attempt to map the seven gates onto the seven deadly sins. Sloth was invoked. At some point we (Otter, Ubersoft, and Will) began to wonder whether logic gates could be mapped onto animals.

The output of that was this picture of a baby hippoxnortamus.


“Hippoxnortamus” is fun to say.