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Big Dumb Cover Art: The Zero Audio Edition

Over the weekend I had insomnia, and decided to stream my work on the Big Dumb Objects cover. That video is now available on YouTube.

The audio wasn’t working, and it took me a minute to realize I wasn’t being heard, so I’ve positioned the video at that point in the clip above. I decided not to troubleshoot the audio, and to instead focus on making art.

I’ll be doing this again, only with working audio, so be sure to follow twitch.tv/howardtayler for notifications of the live stream. The next pass of inks will really shape the picture, and should be fun to watch.

We’re still on-track with the Big Dumb Objects Kickstarter, and our first pin design proofs are now pictured on the page. It looks like the pins will be unlocked as add-ons today or tomorrow, so be sure to check them out!


Typecast RPG Tonight (and EVERY Tuesday Night!)

I’ll be live streaming a D&D session again tonight with the Typecast RPG group, but this time I’m not a “special guest.” I’ve been invited to join the party as a core member of the cast, which means this D&D streaming thing will happen again next Tuesday, and every Tuesday that follows.

There have been two sessions since Sandra and I appeared on the stream, so I’m not entirely sure what trouble the party has gotten into in my absence. I’m confident, however, that they’re in a lot of it.