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The Illuminated Plasgun

I had an epiphany several weeks ago, a vision of sorts in which I could see very clearly what kind of lighting I needed on my drawing table. This led (hah!) to an investigation of LED strips, which in turn yielded better lighting in my office.

And then I turned my attention to the replica BH-209i plasgun that Doc made for me. The hardest part was threading two-conductor wire through it.

I may upgrade it with a warmer¹ set of LEDs, or perhaps some colored ones², but for now it’s just fine. Doc, thanks again for the gift that I didn’t know I needed until it arrived!

¹ I used a double-wide strip of 5000k LEDs, giving an almost blue-white color (described as “cool white.”) . Warmer would be 3000k, like this roll I just started playing with.

² Color-changing LEDs would require threading a 5-conductor wire through the plasgun, rather than the simple two-conductor speaker wire I used for this. Cycling between yellow and red-orange would be nifty, but I think I’d have to design my own strand for that.

I’ve been Powerpuffed by Lar DeSouza

I love this caricature a lot.


Lar DeSouza has been doing these in conjunction with his MS Walk charity drive, which ends at the end of April. Oh, and he’s been doing the art live on his twitch.tv stream. If you want to watch him draw this one, he began at the 1:20:30-ish mark.

I don’t know whether he’s full up on ’em right now, but if you follow @Lartist on Twitter he’ll probably make some noise about it.