You Can Have Ad-free Schlock Mercenary

Would you like to read Schlock Mercenary without the ads? How about a week at a time, in higher resolution?

SchlockPatreon-HugeThe Schlock Mercenary Patreon¹ now offers all of that.

  • Patreon supporters at the $2.50 level and above get ad-free browsing, and can read the archives a week at a time
  • Supporters at the $5 pledge level get the ad-free, week-at-a-time browsing in Retina-resolution²

Our designer, Gary Henson, has done great work with this stuff. It’s a beautiful thing. When you go week-at-a-time, and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate, the reading experience improves drastically.

Once you subscribe you’ll see a Patreon post explaining how to link your Patreon account to the Schlock Mercenary site. Here’s a link to that post, but only Patreon subscribers at the $2.50 and $5.00 levels can see it.


¹We’re using Patreon’s “Charge Up Front” payment method. Details on this can be found in the Patreon Charge Up Front faq

² Retina resolution strips are 2,000 pixels wide. Standard resolution strips are 780 pixels wide.