Call Your Representatives

In light of the current (Jan 11, 2017) political sitch¹, and given the fact that many people are uncomfortable cold-calling their Congressional representatives, here is a script:

Hello. I’m [ YOUR NAME ] from [CITY, STATE] in the [ZIP] zip code. I want you to take the allegations against Trump seriously, and make sure that he is working for America, not for Russia.

I find it easier to work from a script when cold-calling anybody. This includes my favorite Chinese food place. There’s no shame in having a crib sheet.

If you need contact information, it’s available on the internet. Here’s a full list for Senators, but I found the easiest thing for me to do was Google my rep’s name, and the words “DC Phone number.” Then I picked up the phone and dialed.

That’s actually the hardest part. Pick up the phone and dial.

¹Any political situation that has you concerned² may merit a phone call.  

²If you don’t trust your representative, the script may simply be “I don’t trust you. I want you to start doing things to make me trust you.” Congressfolk take that kind of challenge pretty seriously.