40 thoughts on “Three years…”

  1. Congrats, Howard. I’m very much looking forward to this one. Been looking forward to it since the very start.

    Just one copy today, sadly… Money crunched more than I expected, but I should be ordering a couple more for some friends later before you end pre-orders…

    Three years? It’s flown by for us fans.

    Thanks for doing what you do…

  2. Congratulations!

    If you’re numbering the pre-orders in sequence, you’re doing a bang-up business. It’s 10 minutes past the hour, and I’m order #3134!

      1. Aww, I was 5th.

        I blame having to try a couple of different passwords to log into the store. I also blame Howard for not having enough merchandise that I visit often and remember my password. 😛

        1. Got you by two. 😉 I would have made a store login the night before, but it was already shut down in preparation. That extra time clearly cost me a place or two. 🙂

  3. Congratulations!

    And I have ordered! I think my number is 3150… not quite sure what that means at this point in time, but I’m darn excited.

  4. My order’s 3111.

    I’d have ordered two to offset shipping, but the only other South African Schlock fan I know lives in another city and has almost certainly ordered his already.

        1. Re: what does it mean

          Sketch editions have a back page that looks something like this:

          Note that there is a hand-drawn sketch AND a number in the lower right-hand corner.

    1. This raises an interesting point…

      While order numbers are some indication, what is the book total (broken into Sketch/nonsketch)?

      Maybe a twitter feed or something on the Schlock page showing us the count?

  5. It seems forgetting to go to bed on time has paid off.

    One sketched copy ordered at about half past midnight local time. Yay!

    Thanks for this Howard. Your fans love you very much.

  6. 3369

    Darnit, I was driving to my client when ordering opened. But that’ss be my third sketch edition. Another fan going for the complete set.

      1. Re: What about Elft?

        Elf was indeed one of those I had in mind, however being not present I decided authors choice would work.

        There should be an option for people we *don’t* want. Athough i’ll take just about anyone really.

    1. Re: What about Elft?

      Select “author’s choice” and then email your request to the customer support email at the store.

      We didn’t put Elf as one of the selections because she only appears in the last 15 pages or so, of this book. For future sketch editions she’ll be a prominent choice.

  7. Just ordered a sketch edition

    I have the first book you did.

    I think I ordered it direct from you at Penguicon. It’s #300 and has Sgt Schlock. 🙂

  8. Book orders

    I ordered three, one with Kevin for my husband, one with Schlock for me, and a non-sketched one that we can actually read. I have a sketch in The Blackness Between, and I’m upset now that I missed the sketch edition for Under New Management; I’ll have to catch you sometime and get you to sketch something in it.

    The random sketch in The Blackness Between was still definitely appreciated, but I love being able to pick the characters. I’d put a strong vote in for keeping that option.

    Also, I just bought them and I’m 3513.

    1. Re: Book orders

      I forgot to say that the first day you said what the date would be, I actually put a reminder in Outlook so I didn’t forget to place the orders today!

  9. Happy cartooning anniversary! Whoo-hoo!

    I can’t order the book until I get paid and get home from work tomorrow, so I may miss pre-orders. Alas. But I will order it.

  10. No. 3818

    I can wait! Well, no I can’t but I have to. I’d pay for the fastest postage, but…

    guh. UPS envelope for me, I’m afraid. I just have to hope it doesn’t get too folded. My mailman can fold a titanium plate to make it fit in a letterbox.

    1. Re: No. 3818

      “You’re just trying to take advantage of people who are in a hurry.”

      Man, that FedEx price is INSANE.

      Then again, to get the files to Hong Kong we spent about that much FedEx-ing DVDs. They saw us coming, alrighty.


    2. Re: No. 3818

      You know that would be a service to offer. “Unobtainium Packaging Corp” “We guaranteed it cannot be bent by anything less than high explosives. TM”

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