As of this minute, they’re 20% gone…

As of right this minute we’ve pre-sold exactly 1000 copies of Schlock Mercenary: The Tub of Happiness. This is a print run of 5,000, so in just under 24 hours we’ve sold 20% of the books.

Don’t worry. We won’t run out. Buy all you want, we’ll print more.

9 thoughts on “As of this minute, they’re 20% gone…”

  1. So our household is wondering – how many of those are for the sketch edition? Is your hand feeling good about this?

    Both and asked for Kevyn. I’d been holding out for Kevyn and Elf, but it wasn’t an option. 🙁

    1. Sorry about that not being an option. Since K&E don’t get together until Book 8, I don’t figure I’ll be offering that as a sketch edition option for a while.

      Show up at a convention, though, and I’ll put the two of them on paper for you (or in the back of an unsketched book) in a jiffy!

    1. Bring Administering GroupWise 5.5 to a convention, and I’ll deface it very happily.

      Tub of Happiness will eventually be available at Amazon, but not until mid-December at the earliest.

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