13 thoughts on “Yup. Sick.”

  1. For just a second I thought that was “Sandra is MOVING the lawn” and I was really worried for you. Then I re-read, and started worrying about myself instead. *grin*

    Best wishes and good thoughts.

  2. Take care of yourself. You know what to do so I won’t give you the usual “lots of fluids and plenty of rest” (oops).

    This is why you have a buffer.

  3. I misread this as, “Inability to focus for more than a few Sandra’s.”

    In general, using a partner as a unit of measurement is not recommended — especially not for measuring anything like duration of attention. The best possible outcome that I can foresee is that she would return the favor and use you as unit of measurement for something. Would you really want to find out what she would use you to measure?

  4. I know I’m really tired when I keep forgetting that I’d just forgotten that I was going to drink caffeine because of something but I forget what I was doing now.

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