Tendonitis and post-nasal drip

Double-whammy today… the arm hurt, AND I woke up with one of the worst post-nasal-drip sore throats I’ve had in ages. No fever, but it’s pretty obvious I’m coming down with something. I packed vitamin C all day, but I may be out of action tomorrow.

I spoke to a Physician’s Assistant today in his unofficial capacity as my neighbor and friend. He did a quick, informal diagnosis (“sounds like tendonitis to me,”) and confirmed my suspicion — if I go to the doctor he’ll prescribe anti-inflammatories (Ibuprofen, Naproxen, and/or Acetaminophen), ice-packs, and maybe mild heat-treatment prior to activity. He then agreed with my course of action which is “do all that stuff, and then see a doctor if it’s not getting better.”

The plan, then — buy some Aleve and Tylenol, and keep a steady supply of those in my system (treating Aleve and Advil as if they’re the same thing, because they operate on the same path, and taking especial care not to overdo it with the Tylenol because I only have the one liver). Icy-hot the arm in the morning before doing any drawing, and ice-pack the arm every couple of hours in the afternoon as I take breaks from pencilling and inking.

It may be a moot point tomorrow, though… I half expect to be in bed sick all day.

5 thoughts on “Tendonitis and post-nasal drip”

  1. Funny what the body has to do to get you to lay off your arm for a day.

    But anyway, good luck getting better. 🙂

    I _loved_ the forehead gun, today. 😀

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