Twenty-One rows today…

It was slow going today. Lots of killed time early on. I got Five rows colored, then took off to the Keep where I got five rows inked.

Ten just isn’t good enough. I got home around 8:00pm, and decided to forge ahead for 18 or better. I pulled it off, and got another 11 rows colored, for a total of 21 rows today.

Scorecard: 145 rows to go, 9 days left.

I’m hoping to have the Bonus Story completely inked by the end of the day on Monday. With almost no effort at all I should have the buffer colored through September 2nd by Tuesday. That leaves me seven days (four of which are half-days, but let’s not think too hard on that) to get the Bonus story completely colored, and to get a couple more weeks of buffer scripted, pencilled and inked.

Couched in those terms, it seems unlikely I’ll pull it off without slipping one of those weeks of buffer. We shall see…

Tomorrow is Sunday. I’m taking the day off to go to Church and re-read Makeshift Miracle by Jim Zubkavich.

5 thoughts on “Twenty-One rows today…”

  1. it seems unlikely I’ll pull it off without slipping one of those weeks of buffer.

    Hence, the whole point of having a buffer. No sense driving yourself too far nuts, right? This is supposed to be enjoyable? Would rather have the book out late than you approach burnout early. Take it easy and hang loose. We, your loyal readers, will still be here.

    1. Actually, depending on the definition of “late,” “book out late” would be catastrophic. We will run out of money mid-December, so I have to be able to open pre-orders in October. And that means the book materials have to hit the printer in early September.

      THAT means that the book has to be essentially complete before Worldcon, so that we’ve got time to catch typos and other errors. Pushing hard now means you get a quality book, AND I hit my ship date.


          1. “Mmm… I’ll always look back fondly on those Christmas ramen packets…”

            Yeah, doesn’t sound like a favorable childhood memory for your kids. You get those books out on time, Howard, and we’ll make sure you eat. 😀

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