Not working is hard work

I’m taking the day off today. It’s Sunday.

Unfortunately, for me that means THINKING about work instead of doing it, and I just realized that there is an additional 47(ish) rows of work to do on the book before it’s done… That’s how many pages need margin art or new footnotes.

That’s fine. I can do that. But I’m not going to do it TODAY, no matter how tempting it is, and regardless of the fact that next Friday and Saturday have activities on them that turn them from two workdays into one half-day.

I’m taking the day off today.

4 thoughts on “Not working is hard work”

  1. A day to rest the hand, the eye, and the brain (somewhat) from your craft should be required for everyone. For psychological reasons, not just religious ones.

  2. problems with site

    This is the wrong place to report it, but the site seems to be having problems (wordpress reports db is having trouble, ’email howard’ page doesn’t load, no calendar, etc)

    Hopefully this report is of some help.

      1. Re: problems with site (happy now)

        Too many open connections to the server.

        I’ve restricted the number of simultaneous connections to 100 for the moment – I think that enough people hit at once that it started to slow a bit. So some of those people hit ‘reload’ – which opened new connections, thus bogging things down even further. “Normal” load is about 65 connections at any particular time. This reduction seems to have helped.

        I’d post a blog about it, but that’s up to Howard 🙂

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