Today’s Output – Twenty Rows

I broke rhythm today, and decided to script, pencil, and ink instead of coloring. It worked out pretty well, though I felt like I dragged my feet a bit midday. I scripted two pages of Bonus Story (8 rows), and then got those all pencilled, plus one I had left over from yesterday. I also inked three rows, for a total of 20.

One better than the minimum, and better yet, I put some pencilling and inking to bed on a day when I usually don’t get to.

Score: 10 work-days left, 166 rows to go.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Output – Twenty Rows”

  1. you can do it!

    Even with some time left over to think about what to pack.

    I’ll be at Worldcon, I’d say “see ya there” but in a lively lovely crowd of several thousand of our best friends… anyhow. Thank you for doing Schlock Mercenary. I just found it a couple of months ago and read all the back archives. fun stuff!

  2. Good work!

    lol. Howard, I’m in the same boat! (Kind of.) I’ve got revisions of books promised to both Tor and Scholastic on nearly the same deadline! That means hitting the revision on MISTBORN 2 really hard so that I can be done by Worldcon.

    322 pages / 1161 here.

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