Ten Rows and Then Some

Today I flood-filled all 26 remaining rows of Bonus Story, and then finished shading 10 of them.

By row-count, I’m still way behind, but I’m going to have the Bonus Story finished by the time I leave. I may even finish it tomorrow. If I do, I’ll have plenty of time to script the Schlock that needs to be drawn upon my return.

Scorecard: 61 rows to go, 2 workdays left (and they’re both half-days.)

But let’s look at what work REALLY needs to be done before I go:

1) Shade 8 rows of Bonus Story.
2) Script 18 rows of Buffer.

I’ve decided to sacrifice a week of buffer for Worldcon, so there’s 36 rows I don’t have to do this month. 61-36=25, which means I dropped a row in my math somewhere. Still, it feels pretty good to know that I’ve adhered so well to the plan (which included losing a week if necessary.)

Tomorrow: 8 rows of Bonus Story get put to bed.