Soliciting Blurbs

I need a few back-cover blurbs for Schlock Mercenary: The Blackness Between.

Anybody can help. Here’s how:

1) Do a Google or Technorati search and see what people said about the first Schlock book.
2) Think to yourself “Howard could do this search himself, but he’s soooo busy coloring he’d rather not have to.”
3) Post links here. I’ll contact the authors of said links, and ask permission.

If you happen to have written something yourself, by all means let me know.


16 thoughts on “Soliciting Blurbs”

  1. I’ll start with the easy ones, just so you can have a complete list.

    Now for some goodies:,39056105,39365180,00.htm

    I find an entry for , but the link goes to her main journal page and not the entry itself. Hopefully she will post that link for you.

  2. I’m mildly surprised I didn’t write one, but it appears I didn’t, at least not on LJ. I’ll have to fix that for the second book.

    1. Actually, Jay… if you’d like to contribute a back-cover quote, I’d be more than happy to use it. “Jay ‘Tron-Guy’ Maynard” dressed up as General Xinchub, after all. So far I think you’re the only Schlock Mercenary cosplayer out there.


      1. On the way via email (if I remembered your address right).

        I think so, too, and I’m a little disappointed by that…the uniforms aren’t that hard to do, especially when you consider what other stuff gets regularly done in cosplay.

  3. I’m sure I wrote something about SM and poop jokes once.

    On the other hand, no one has ever sold anything on the basis of what Wednesday White said. *wg*

  4. If you’d like something more snappy to quote from Fleen, how about:

    “Schlock Mercenary is the most consistently hilarious science fiction since Red Dwarf”
    PJ Hart


    “If Schlock Mercenary doesn’t make you laugh then you are cold and dead inside.”
    PJ Hart

    I know I never actually said these things on the site, but I whole heartedly believe them both and you are free to use them.

  5. Well it’s in a yahoo group thats locked for my friends when I went to convince them to read Schlock but..

    “Fling Poo!”

    That and the web link…

  6. Praise for Schlock Mercenary

    Its unorthodox title is a meaningless word with a dubious occupation. It has been drawn, non-stop, for more than 2000 strips, from crudely-dawn scribbles to refined artistry. It boasts a large ensemble cast of well-crafted characters, humans and non-humans alike, each with their own sardonic quirks and ironic foibles. It handles storylines both far-reaching and narrow in scope, all while never forgetting to provide a punchline every day with impeccable comedic timing for thousands of readers around the world. It is, without a doubt, the second-best comic strip in the world.

    But enough about Sluggy Freelance, which is, after all, merely a distant second to Schlock Mercenary.

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