No rows, and again no rows

Friday morning was spent scanning and prepping Thursday’s compilation of marginalia. Friday afternoon and evening was spent camping with my daughters.

Saturday was spent recovering. Apparently the camping trip pushed me over some physical threshold, and I crashed once I got home. So… I spent two days making no real progress on the row-count. Fortunately, I also spent two days catching up on some much-needed sleep.

Today is Sunday. More rest. I’ll hit the ground running Monday morning.

Scorecard (still unadjusted): 71 rows to go, 3 work-days to do ’em in.

That’s 24 rows per day. I don’t expect this to happen.

12 thoughts on “No rows, and again no rows”

  1. Do you ever worry that by pushing yourself so hard to crank these out that the final product will be subpar? I’m not saying that your final product IS subpar, I’m just asking if you’re worried that’ll happen. Whenever I try to go on a mass comic spree, things usually look worse than if I’d taken my time.

    1. Nope. Mostly it’s an exercise in “less downtime” rather than “write/draw/color faster.”

      More typos sneak in, yes. That’s why I want to finish the book in advance of the to-the-printer deadline — so there’s time for proofreading.


      1. No problems, he sez.

        He says there’s no problem with the quality, but check out this sample I snitched:

        Looks like the coloring, at least, could use some work.

        1. Re: No problems, he sez.

          (Okay, I admit it, this isn’t his recent work. This is a photocopy of a sketch he made, that my daughter has used as a coloring book.)

  2. …….I crashed once I got home Aie.
    Take care of the artist and the artwork will take care of itself in it’s own time if need be.

    Please. Look after yourself.

    1. It was quite the crash, too. I slept for about 90 minutes, and woke up feeling like absolute crap.

      90 minutes later I took ANOTHER nap, again for about 90 minutes… after that one I woke up feeling a little more human, though only barely sapient.

  3. Argh, as everyone else has said, Howard, take care of yourself. But also a heartfelt thank you for working so hard. =) It is very much appreciated.

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