Eight… only eight.

I only finished eight rows today. All of them were Bonus Story rows, which is good — I have 18 more rows of that to color and then it will be completely done.

I also made lots of progress on the marginalia. I hauled my Book II bone-yard folder to the Keep, along with my printout of the first draft of Book II, and spent about three hours matching sketches to the pages they’d fit best on. It comes out to about 17 page-holes filled, and it leaves me with between 26 and 40 page-holes still in need of filling. I need to write at least ten new footnotes, and with those I ought to cough up some footnote-related sketches. Those sometimes come out almost like single-panel comics. They’re fun.

Tomorrow is a half-day. Saturday is ALSO a half-day. I’ll have to work twice as hard in order to make decent progress.

The score now is 71 rows to go, and 5 days left. Gonna be tight.

In practical terms, looking at the work remaining, I MUST do the following things before leaving for Worldcon:

1) Color 18 rows of Bonus Story
2) Script 18 rows of Schlock (I can lose a week of buffer if I’ve got scripts in the queue – this will let me jam when I get home)
3) Create a cover for the book.
4) Fill at least half of the remaining page-holes with decent marginalia.
5) Document the last of the page-holes so that I can sketch content for them at Worldcon. I’m never completely happy when I can’t at least PRETEND to be working.

What does NOT need to be done, but was on the original list:

1) Pencil, Ink, and Color 9 rows of buffer (total of 27 rows here.) Dropping this task was one of my contingency plans. With print deadlines, it makes no sense AT ALL for me to be working on buffer stuff (other than scripting when the ideas flow) until all book content has been created and placed.

I’ll adjust the score-card tomorrow. It looks like I still have the equivalent of 71 rows to do, what with the piles of marginalia and the cover that need my attention.

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