6 thoughts on “Schlock’s down… here’s the update if you’re missing it.”

  1. My first thought was “Schlock doesn’t look very angry. hungry, maybe”. My second thought was “Ow. A pun. And no Ennesby to be seen.” My third thought was “Hey look something shiny!” and thus I went off elsewhere to become distracted by something. Or something.

  2. Yeah, Schlock’s definitely going for the jeopard jugular jauntily – when he’s not getting frisked by fatally friendly felinoids. ‘Course, you can’t swing a live jeopard ’round without finding out SOMEthing useful. For instance – normally felinoids flail sophonts with their tails – it’s about time the situation got reversed.

    And we’ve still yet to see the lovers in action, Howard. Anticipation? *grin*


  3. By the by oh most Wonderful of Artists….
    Read that strip to a pair of dear friends….and just about got SHOT for it. lol
    It was FAR too punny for their tastes. /snortgigglechortle

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