Day Two: 12 Rows

I was a little depressed today after I spent two solid hours at the computer scanning and tweaking before coloring, and found that I’d used half my Tuesday and gotten zero rows done.

(Tuesday afternoons and evenings I have a church gig, so Tuesday ends at 2:00pm for me.)

Oh, and I realized that there are two extra rows during the week of August 13th…*sigh*

Fortunately, there was scripting to be done, and I got my game on. I blasted out 12 rows of scripts (8 days) in about 90 minutes, which means that on Wednesday I should have no problem hitting my 15 row minimum. I may even blow past it.

I can’t afford to have too many days where I fall below 15. Tomorrow I need to hit 18 (9 rows pencilled and inked will do nicely), and I may shoot for 24 by throwing in some coloring before I head down to the Keep for the pencil-and-ink process. That kind of productivity will nicely lower the minimum required workload for the remaining days in this little marathon of mine.

By the way, the first-stage contingency plan is “return from Worldcon with only 2 weeks in the buffer.” The SECOND stage plan is “return from Worldcon with only one week in the buffer.” The THIRD stage contingency plan is “Howard stays home from Worldcon.” 1st-stage buys me 36 rows of slack. 2nd stage buys me 72 rows of slack. In theory I could pencil, ink, and color today’s scripts, and then ONLY work on book stuff, and still be able to go to Worldcon. But that means frantic working after the convention is over, and I hate doing that.

The scorecard then… 13 days left, and 202 rows to go.

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