Workload between now and Worldcon

This evening I did a quick-and-dirty computation of the amount of work I need to get done between now and the evening of the 23rd when I leave for Worldcon. I’m fast approaching my print deadlines for Schlock Mercenary: The Blackness Between, you see…

For reference, when I say “row” I mean “one row of comics taken through one of the four steps of creation.” This means that pencilling a row equals “one row of work.” By this standard, each week of Schlock on the web takes 36 rows of work.

So… In the next 14 work-days available to me (excluding Sundays, but including everything else) I need to do the following:

Script, pencil, ink, and color three weeks of Schlock for the web. That’s 36 rows times three, or 108 rows.
Script, pencil, ink, and color up to six more pages of Bonus Strips for the book – I’ve scripted, pencilled and inked two pages already. Plus I need to color those two inked pages. At four rows a page, that’s 6*(4*4) + 8, or 104.

14 days. 212 rows. 15.14 rows per day. Or 16 rows for two days, and 15 rows for 12.

Today I pencilled and inked 8 Bonus Strips, which means 16 rows. So today I worked hard enough.

Yes, I have a contingency plan for “failure to get enough done.” I don’t like it.

13 thoughts on “Workload between now and Worldcon”

  1. Be sure you drop by the “Baen Bar Fly” area when you’re at the Worldcon. John (Ringo) inflicted you on a lot of us. 🙂

    1. You need to tell me where it will be. I will certainly drop by there. If you have books I will sign them. If you do not have books I will arrange to commit acts of commerce to rectify the problem.

      1. I’ll make sure to let you know. I already have three signed books (one with sketch, one I gave to girlfriend), but you should certainly have books to sell at the con. I’m going to have my massage chair, and be committing some “acts of commerce” myself. 🙂

    1. Indeed…

      Though nkowing howard he’ll push as hard as he can, and end up with 5 days to spare…

      Just do your best Mr Tayler. It is all we ask of you. Your best with leave us speachless enough…

      Can’ have us TOO stunned, or we won’t be able to heap praise upon you… 🙂

  2. Sorry to put this here but is it just me or has anyone else not been able to load/read the news portion of Schlock for the last few days?

    Also, after having finished my copy of your book (a while ago just been busy) I just want to say again awsome job! I just know the other will be even better!

    1. Yes, the news section has been down. The site that hosts my RSS script isn’t responding.

      It’s free. You get what you pay for. I really need for someone to write me a nice server-side RSS implementation.

  3. Is the contingency plan to skip Worldcon, postpone the book, or use the Time Machine, which You Swore Never to Use Again, For Fear of Disrupting the Space-Time Continuum?

    I still say if you’re not gonna use it, you should sell it on eBay. You could probably get HUNDREDS for it.

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