The most unfortunate province name ever…

At the very end of this article about wearing yellow shirts in Thailand (an interesting discussion of patriotism vs. the free market if ever there was one) we find the following paragraph (emphasis added):

“As a teacher, I was so embarrassed and felt pretty guilty for notwearing a yellow shirt while everyone else had one on,” said WanchaiKondongnok in the southern province of Chumporn.

I’m not sure what it means in Thai, but I’m sure I don’t want to find out what it means in English…


17 thoughts on “The most unfortunate province name ever…”

  1. I once had a trouble ticket from our Thai division, asking for assistance with the account of Wannaporn Wannawanka.

  2. Back in Anaheim there was a shopfront proudly declaring “Thai PORN” – I was never brave enough to go inside, but one of my friends went there – apparently it was a restaurant and “porn” is soup.

      1. Eeew, true. Makes me remember this soup I ate at a Venzuelan restauraunt before I learned to speak Spanish. It tasted quite good but later I learned it had lamb guts in it.

      2. And for goodness sake, if you DO get the chum soup, don’t let anyone get shark-fin soup at the same time. Just trust me on this, it was quite a mess, sugar packets EVERYWHERE.

  3. I believe the Discovery Channel features Chumporn for a full week every summer, I think usually in August, just they go by the traditional English name, Shark Week. :p

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