10 thoughts on “Give This Dog A Badge”

    1. Drat!

      Beat me to it. ::pouts::

      One can imagine the ER visit for a rattlesnake bite on the baughty bits, though. ::cackle::

      1. Re: Drat! and double drat…

        Bruce: Hellow Flying Doctor, hello Flying Doctor…. me mates just bin bit, been bit by a rattler! What’ll I do?
        FD: Suck the poison out, man, and quick, suck for his life, man!
        Patient: What’s he say Bruce, what’s he say?
        Bruce: *gulp* You’re gonna die, mate……

  1. Poor dog. I noticed the article made a point of mentioning it was part pit bull, as if the breeding alone is sufficient explanation for why it bit him.

    (Gee, stressed out, being bounced around and hitting the window and roof and probably the dash and all that doesn’t count? With the owner probably yelling at it as it tries to get OUT OF HERE?)

    Here’s hoping it doesn’t end up EU’d for what appears to have been a provoked-by-panic/stress reaction.

    Having been on the road in a truck with a hawk that has escaped from its confining towel, yep … you don’t want scared animals running around loose in the vehicle when you’re trying to get from point A to point B rather quickly. (tries to detach hawk from arm while gritting teeth against the pain) “I don’t NEEEED this right now!”

  2. Well, at least it didn’t end up in a face off with the police…

    ooh! I bet I know what happened – the radio was on to one of those golden-oldie stations, and “fangs for the maxillary” came on!

    Either that or the dog decided it was time to help the police hound the owner.


  3. Good Doggie, bite the stupid man.

    Unfortunately, the dog is probably not going to have much of a life after the bite. Even if the owner gets to keep the dog, he’ll probably take out his anger on him. Bummer.

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