A snippet from last night’s Iron Kingdoms game

Paraphrased for clarity…

Sorceror: “Why is the deck-hand glowing.”
GM: “Anybody with spellcraft knows that she either cast light on herself, or had it cast on her by somebody else. If she cast it herself, then she could dispel it.”
Sorceror: “So she’s a spellcaster?”
Me: “Maybe. Or a victim.”
Rogue: “I bet she’s a spellcaster, and she’s crazy.”
Deck-Hand: “You may be right. I may be crazy.”
Rogue: singing badly “But it just may be a LOOOON-a-tic you’re lookin’ for.”
All: laughter.
GM: Okay, back on topic…
Me: glaring at the deck-hand, whose apparently self-imposed illumination is spoiling our stealth “Turn out the light.”
Deck-Hand: glares back, begins to speak
Me: interrupting, and turning to the rogue “Don’t try to save me.”
All: more laughter
Me: Sorry… That had to be done. You can dock experience points if you want to.

18 thoughts on “A snippet from last night’s Iron Kingdoms game”

  1. Ah, now that takes me back to the old days, when you could toss out an exchange like that without derailing the game or having someone gripe for not taking things seriously.

    1. The GM considered giving me some, which would have been nice, since my only contributions to our two combats was 1) requiring rescue from a mechanical arm, and 2) falling into a hole while everyone else was fighting.

      1. You draw a goofy science fiction comic strip, then distribute it electronically, You are already a GeekMaster Level 7. To go to level eight you not only need a bunch of points, but you need to dress as one of your own charactors and go to a con.

        1. I actually think I lose points for that. I’m trying to multi-class, and that kind of behavior won’t help my “business professional” side, which is currently at Level 5, and trying to learn to effectively cast the “create revenue stream” spell.

          1. “Cure light poverty” is a nice starter, but insufficient for a family of six.

            I hope “create revenue stream” is an area effect spell. And that I’m there when you cast it.

        2. Ah, you underestimate Howard’s cleverness! He’s already gone to cons dressed as a Schlock Mercenary character lots of times — remember that “The Author” has been a character in several of the early strips.

      2. I’d think that hiring other people to manage your webserver would get you points in delegation for the “Business Professional” class, though.

  2. Even if it’s +50 Geek points, he gets +100 Just-plain-awesome points for picking up on the continuity.

    Man, I love Billy Joel… 😀

  3. I hate to point our that your GM technically needed a person to roll a Spellcraft check to identify an ongoing spell affect. It is -technically- a really easy roll to make (something like a DC 10 for the light spell), but it still should have been made…

    Oh, and what are you playing, since you’re obviously not the sneak or the mage, does that make you the cannon-fodde… I mean fighter, or the portable band-ai… I mean cleric?

  4. How many Geek Points (not gold pieces) would it have been if he’d drawn upon the works of They Might Be Giants?

    Maybe a x3 for the original, which probably would’ve put you over the top.

    Some day I will game again… it will happen.

    (Incidentally, I got my book from you (signed!) and have already poured over each page being nitpicky about the quality (pretty darn good) and reviewing continuity and basking in its glow.)

    (Also, I finally got around to cutting off my head and using it as an icon. See left. or right. Depending on whether your in a medical profession or not.)

  5. Having never heard that song before, (I live in my own little world.) It took me a while to figure out what the heck you were talking about.

    For anyone else who’s reading this that is as unattached with the real world as I am… Apparently it’s a Billy Joel song. 😉

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