She is amazing, and I love her

I don’t say enough about how wonderful Sandra is. It’s not just that she’s smart, funny, beautiful, and the mother of my children… she’s also the best mother I have ever met — better than her own, and way better than mine.

Recently she’s been posting about kid-management stuff (sandratayler), and I have been brought again to realize that she is brilliantly adept when it comes to discerning what our children need, what they mean when they talk/sulk/scream/mumble, and how to balance their needs against her own.

I love you, Sandra. And hey, look! It’s not even our anniversary, or your birthday, or Mothers’ day, or anything like that. It’s just today, one more day in a happy chain of thousands. Thank you for all of them.


7 thoughts on “She is amazing, and I love her”

  1. *GRIN*

    I have my own special someone who makes me appreciate her all the time, just by being who she is. I think it’s fantastic that you guys have that. Congratulations. 🙂

  2. Ooh, can I steal that last paragraph for my own sweetie? (Adjusting the name, of course.) You’ve got the same set of words that I have (OK, maybe you have a few more), but you sure put them together better than I could.

  3. You’re a sweet sweet man. Now convince my husband to start blogging about how much he loves his wife, too…

    You guys really are great together. It’s so nice to see that.

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