I just took three naps…

I just took three naps. I announced my intention to lie down at around 9:55 this morning. At about 11:15 I was awake again, but still exhausted and feeling sick. So I took a quick shower (I shouldn’t have put that off this morning) and then took a second nap. At 12:25 I got up, wandered around in circles for a bit, took some vitamin C, and went back to bed. I woke up again at around 2:00pm, and decided to make lunch.

I’m feeling a lot better now, except for the part where most of the day is already gone and all I got done was some coloring between 8:25am and 8:45am. Sandra says I should put “convention recuperation” on my list of things to do. I may list each nap individually, just so I can check them off.


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  1. Howdy,
    didn’t know where else to put this. I just got my book in the mail. #115 of 300 (according to your markings on the sketch page) has schlock waving and smiling. Arrived in EXCELLENT condition, nary a scratch, fold or other, in fact it arrived in such good condition I’m thinking of bagging it without actually really reading it.

    Thanks again!

      1. maybe he could, but then he’d have to wait!
        got mine in the mail yesterday – arrived in excellent condition (I *will* have to put it under some sort of heavy object to make sure it stays flat) with a picture of “smug tagon” in the back. I believe mine wasn’t far off in #’s from the previous poster. Very cool and I’m very much enjoying my book. Though it makes me realize how much I still identify the toughs with the Post Dated Check Loan. I feel like we’ve joined them “after the fall” as it were. though I guess it’s not as much fun to tell stories with a group of near-unstoppable, unlimited resources mercs as it is with merely unexpectedly powerful unlimited resourcefulness mercs.

      2. #19/300 has been bagged. A bit mangled, but priceless nonetheless.

        We ordered two so that we wouldn’t mangle the sketch copy. It was hard not having the second one be a sketch, too. I wouldn’t have ever cracked it open if it was, though.

        Good Luck with the ConCrud. Always best to load up on “Airborne” before those things.

  2. I just thought I’d drop a line to say I got my book today, huzzah. Silly mailwoman stuffed it into a tiny apartment mailbox, but it’s none the worse for wear, really. The ‘author has vandalized this book’ bit made me giggle.

    1. me too! first thing I showed my wife.

      Another side benefit of the book?
      I now spend as much time reading schlock footnotes out loud to friends and acquaintances as I have in the past spent reading Discworld footnotes to friends and acquaintences.

  3. I’m late to the party. Would love to order a book of Schlock. 🙂
    Where does one go? The store doesn’t say… Or are orders all gone?

    1. Pre-Orders are over. But Regular Orders open up sometime within the next few days, I believe. Not yet… but soon…

      *mysterious music plays and he steps back into the shadows all ominous-like*

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