And if you neglected to pre-order your Schlock books…

… you can now place regular orders here. We’ve ironed most of the kinks out of this mailing thing, so the (few, but still annoying) cases of bent books should be a thing of the past.

Don’t keep Sandra TOO busy with mailings, or she’ll neglect to nag me to get to work on Book II.


13 thoughts on “And if you neglected to pre-order your Schlock books…”

  1. But… ummm…err… OW!

    Is this supposed to be encouragement or discouragement? I’m torn! Encourage friends to buy, or tell them to leave you alone so you can make more books for me?

    I’m thinking that I see evil horns in your icon picture that you’ve hidden until now.

    1. I tell you what… just keep it down around 10 books per day, and we’ll be fine. That level of book-buying puts just a little bit more money in the bank than we need to pull back out, which lowers the stress levels around here a lot.

      And when I’m less stressed, I’m a better cartoonist.

    2. Too much book mailing work is a problem I know how to solve with small applications of money. And Hey! If I’m mailing lots of books it means we’re making enough money for me to solve the problem.

      1. Yep. Too many sales is a *great* problem to have.

        That was my mantra when I worked retail credit card systems and got paged at 3am because the dataset needed resizing. Because, gosh darn it, selling SO MUCH STUFF that the sheer volume of credit card transactions and SKUs and stuff exceeded the day’s allotted umpteen-gigabytes-partition size … Life certainly could be a lot worse. I’ll take this type of page. It meant we were not only selling strong, we were blowing through both the most ridiculous blue-sky projections *and* the buffer I’d throw in for contingency “just in case”.

        Repeat after me: This is a GOOD problem to have. It is a GOOD problem to have. Please feel free to send me more problems like this instead of the other problems that don’t happen to come with money in its wake. 🙂

  2. Love the comic. Glad to be at a job where I can afford to support your wonderful work. Will make sure to get my pre-order in for book two!

  3. Bent books aren’t your fault. As I mentioned on the Schlockblog, you could line my book with titanium plates and the postie would still find a way to bend it in half.

    den (from Dubbo, Aust.)

    1. Based on what I’m seeing (some US orders sent out on Friday the 19th are arriving today) your sketch edition could be another five days or so, since I didn’t get the last of them into the mail until Wednesday the 24th.

      Fear not. I’ve got some spares, should yours fail to materialize.


  4. My book has arrived! (Sort of.) Too big for delivery, so I’ll have to go collect it from the post office as soon as I can get there.

    Let’s just hope the South African postal service hasn’t mangled it too badly…

    1. “Too big for delivery” is a good sign. The problems we’ve had with bent books are almost always due to postal workers cramming “do not bend” mailers into small boxes.

      1. The books arrived in perfect condition but the package had been opened (which didn’t surprise me). Fortunately the kind of people who steal stuff from other people’s mail aren’t Schlock fans.

        I suppose it’s too early to send you money for the next book?

  5. Got my sketch edition #168 on Tuesday. It’s bigger than expected, glossier (is that a word?) than expected and I had a great time re-reading those strips dressed in their Sunday best.
    Good luck with the post-pre-order sales 🙂

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