It’s been a good week for cartooning. The buffer stands at 22 (well… 21 now), and today I scripted and pencilled a full week. I plowed through something like 24 rows worth of work (6 rows colored, 9 scripted, 9 pencilled), and brainstormed with Sandra about plot points for the end of Book V and the beginning of Book VI.

I also sat on a pilates ball (is that what they’re called) at my computer for about an hour, bouncing while scanning strips and reading email. Right now my body is saying GO TO BED YOU MORON YOU’RE EXHAUSTED.

I’d better listen. I have two weeks’ worth of strips to color tomorrow, including some stray “painting” to ready Sunday’s strip for the web.


12 thoughts on “Exhausted…”

    1. Somehow I think that no one would be happy with you if Howard or I delayed shipping the books because we took time out of the tight schedule for statistical analysis.

  1. Stray “painting,” huh? Is this something like your fingerpaint project for Kevyn’s pre-epaulet(sp?) message?

  2. Dude! Leme help with the coloring. The Gneech doesn’t EVEN begin to keep me busy! I’d love to have another project to sink my wacom pen into. 🙂

    (Don’t make me beg… but I will if I have to.)


    1. I’m tempted. Sorely tempted.

      The problem, of course, is that back when I was making six figures a year, I couldn’t afford to pay my colorist what she was worth. Now that I’ve taken a massive pay cut, I color it all myself because I need to keep every penny.

      I want to reach the point where I can afford to hire a colorist again, but part of me loathes the thought of relinquishing control of part of the artwork.

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