Why I Ate So Many Crepes

Last night I snacked on the crepes Sandra made for breakfast.

They were simple things, a little fatter than a true crepe, but thinner than a pancake. I filled one with the requisite strawberries and whipped cream, and bit into it.

Suddenly I was back in South Africa, on my way to the Kruger park, with Sandra and the rest of our group. We were eating at Harrie’s Pancakes somewhere in the middle of the Transvaal. It was 1999.

Anyway, that first crepe I had was pretty good.

I had the other four because I wanted to see the monkeys.

11 thoughts on “Why I Ate So Many Crepes”

  1. So, good Crepes? My brother is on his way to South Africa (to visit family) as I type. I think he’s passing by that area…

    1. Dunno if they were good or not. I just know that it was fun to be in South Africa with my wife, eating out at a place where we could have pancakes and ice cream for lunch.

      1. True.

        Best crepes I’ve ever found were in France, anyway… not sure anyone can beat little french hole-in-the-wall cafes for crepes… 😉

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