Fragging the Clix

We played Frag at the Keep yesterday afternoon. (I got a strip pencilled during the game — I needed to be thinking outside the box, and it worked. The game was outside of its box).

Jason’s friend from Back East had sent him a box chock full of Heroclix, most of which were cheesy, ne’er-do-well heroes, and some of which were generic bad guys, like “Henchman” or “Thug.” I sifted through the box for figs that looked like they’d make good Frag figurines, and wouldn’t you know it? I found more than a dozen, and they were all figs that Jason was willing to part with for nothing.

So we played with figurines instead of the factory-shipped standups. The only problem is that the Clix bases are a little big and unwieldy.

Last night I brought them home and with the help of my Exacto knife and a heavy glove, I separated all the figs from their bases. Next up on the plan is to take Patches with me to the Keep, buy some small square bases, and superglue the figs to their new homes. Why involve Patches? Because he has seen said figs, and loved them so much he took them to bed with him. He is VERY interested in What Becomes Of Them.

I still need to paint the PvP figs, but that’s a project for a MUCH more ambitious week. I’ve still got cartooning to do, you know.

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  1. If you’re using them for models, why not use clay or putty (Silly Putty) for temporary bases? That keeps some flexibility for posing them in different perspectives.

    1. The hardest part is the math.

      Damage = the number of times the damage roll can be divided by the damage roll. I roll a 25 to hit you, and you roll a 13 for health. How much damage do you take?

      (1 point)

      Doing this fast, on the fly, several times each turn… well, it’s good for the ol’ cranium.

  2. That was always my problem with Frag I think, I could never form an atachment to my character. I’ve been on the verge of tears when a character gets hurt in Mordheim or Necromunda but Frag just didn’t cut it. Maybe I need to play with my own miniatures.

  3. Fragging the Clix

    I’ve never thought of using Heroclix figures before. That’s an interesting idea. I used the Frag minis from SJ Games, and minis from the Void minis sets. I’ve got about another half dozen or so minis to paint for Frag. I guess I’ll have to get my butt in gear so they’ll be ready for GenCon.I’ve got some ideas for new terrain for my frag set (catwalks, and adding acid and other stuff). I’m also going to start using the “Rocket jump” rules from the Fire Zone expansion. As long as we got towers, we might as well use them… Hope your minis work out!

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