19 thoughts on “Thanks, Scott!”

  1. *Disbelieving laughter* Good grief, that is nearly unbelievable! Now that is durability!

    And when I think how hard some of my friends worked to keep their own pickups running in high school….

  2. That was amazing

    Good heavens! That’s a well-engineered vehicle. It looked like the only thing that was going to do that truck in was the chassis-split.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fantastic. The technologically sadistic side in me is a little disappointed that they didn’t keep going to finally finish it off, but then again a drop onto a boulder or something like that would probably do the trick, since as mentioned, the chassis split would soon prove to be fatal.

  4. Actually, all it needs now is to be driven on the track until it dies. THAT would be the final testament to durability: how many miles it could clock AFTER being battered, drowned, dropped, caravanned, wrecking-balled, burnt, and demolished?

    I’d bet that with their mechanic, they could keep it going for another 1,000 miles under controlled conditions. Or maybe 100 meters down that Bristol stairwell.

    1. They did finally kill it…

      Yup, it got finished off on another episode. What did they do?

      Put it on top a 10 story building and then… blew up the building!!

      Top stuff!!!!

      Instant Classic.

  5. Daaaayyy–YAMMMMMNNNN…. Wish I could show that to my dad, but he’s only got a dial-up connection- he’d never get through the first minute…

  6. Ahhh… Top Gear, my favourite Television Programme

    You’re on my home territory now Howard. Jeremy Clarkson and the Top Gear team and have been providing an irreverant look at the motoring industry for many years in the UK. Over the past couple of years the BBC finally allowed the team to break out of a rather stodgy mix and make a more up to date and interesting programme.

    The result?
    Toyota trucks being trashed.
    “Darts” being played with cars into a strip mine.
    Crashing a brand new Renault (stunt guy crashed it) to test out the safety claims (without telling Renault beforehand).
    The presenters themselves crashing old beaters into walls to see how they stand up (quite well).
    Oh and a bona fide, genuine, race car driver taking outrageously fast cars around a track and pitting laptimes against each other.

    Almost, but not quite, as good as Mythbusters.

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