I cranked out 14 days of scripts today. The Voices In My Head have been yammering non-stop for a week now, but I’ve been busy with book-stuff. I’m STILL supposed to be busy with book-stuff (footnotes aren’t done yet), but the buffer dropped low enough that I sat down this morning knowing I needed a good scripting jag.

I had one. It wiped me out. 19 rows of scripting isn’t really a whole lot of words, but scripting has to be TIGHT in order to work in my strip. Voice, plot, punchline… some of it is formulaic, but doing two weeks’ worth of strips in one sitting is very draining.

It’s also fun. I didn’t know what exactly was going to happen, though I knew the where, the who, and the why. Now I know, and I can’t WAIT to see how it looks drawn.

But right now I’m hammered. I’ll be role-playing here at the Keep until midnight-ish, and probably trying to pencil a few of these scripts on the side. Hammered or not, I really want to see What Happens Next.


9 thoughts on “Hammered…”

  1. You know, I’d really like to see the ‘creation’ process in action. If you ever get bored, an update to the “how it’s done” page with scans of one strip’s evolution from blank paper and ink to final product would be nice.

    Or at least that’s what my brain is telling me after reading this.

    1. Had been paying attention this evening, he COULD have seen What Happens Next, since I ended up getting a full seven days pencilled, and he was sitting right there at the table with us for half the night.

  2. Screaming Fans: HOWARD! HOWARD! HOWARD!

    Picture a stadium full of Schlock fans yelling and cheering like you’d grabbed an interception and run it back for fifty yards. One of those moments where the camera gets a close-up of you as you stride off the field to the sidelines and the big-screen video display shows your exhausted but grinning face to the crowd while your teammates hug you and slap your back with pride.

  3. doing two weeks’ worth of strips in one sitting is very draining.

    It’s also fun.

    Ooo, I know that feeling exactly. Writing is like that for me, sometimes. Doing the 24-hour comic was just like it. Scary and exciting and exhausting and FUN! 🙂

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