An Evening Out

My buddy Dennis called Friday to tell me that he’s in town this week, but I misunderstood him. It turns out he’s in this part of the country (Utah/Idaho area) this week, but only in Utah until Sunday.

So today he called and I realized that if we were going to get together, I needed to drive up to Murray (about 30 minutes away). So I dropped what I was doing, and drove to Murray.

(Note: this means that Monday’s strip hasn’t been colored yet. Nor has Tuesday’s. This is a problem I’ll solve tomorrow.)

We had a great time hanging out. We didn’t do anything spectacular — just wandered around a couple of stores and ate out at Famous Dave’s Barbecue — but we had a great time nonetheless. Dennis and I served together as missionaries back in 1989 in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and he’s pretty much the ONLY person from the mission I kept in touch with. Mostly this is because we both have the same geek-oriented interests, coupled with the same twisted sense of humor.

Now that I think about it, Dennis would get along really well with Chalain. In fact, it would probably be unsafe for Dennis, Chalain, and I to get together. Unsafe for everyone within 200 meters, at least. Bad geek humor has a blast radius. We wouldn’t need anything more volatile than a good curry to clear the room, and I’m betting we could get by without that, even.

4 thoughts on “An Evening Out”

  1. Wait. You let you buffer get that low? Who are you? hehe

    oh, wait. You’re “Gotta Finish the Book Already! Tayler.” I forgot.

    Glad you got to have some time out though; there’s nothing like reconnecting with a buddy who’s known you since forever.

  2. “We wouldn’t need anything more volatile than a good curry to clear the room”

    Are you sure you’re still talking about geek humor? 🙂

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