My office BADLY needs cleaning

My office is a wreck.

I’m not quite sure how it got to this point, but I’ve got to get it in order. I come in here and can’t think. NOT good, not with the buffer at 3 colored and 7 inked — there’s serious thinking to do right now!

Tomorrow morning I need to set aside an hour to haul out the waste-paper and the giant monitor I’m no longer using. Maybe then I can find the space to sort and tidy the stuff that is actually supposed to be in here. And maybe then I can get cracking on the buffer and the last of the marginalia for Book I.


One thought on “My office BADLY needs cleaning”

  1. The Organization Bug seems to be catching at your house. Hmm.. I wonder if it transfers through Internet contact. I could use a dose.

    I’m still organizing and cleaning my house from the move in December; my poor crafting/sewing/painting area has been the last to be touched, and I’m so tired of unpacking that it’s been ignored for weeks. Maybe this weekend I’ll be good and actually get the schtuff sorted out.

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