I got a vacation day…

Ordinarily I’m always working. Technically, given my line of work, THIS is working. But today was nice, because after painting Sunday’s strip (the one that just aired, yes I was a little behind on the colored-and-uploaded buffer) and uploading it with the rest of next week I took a 90-minute nap, and then decided to read a book.

The book review is here, and one of the co-authors, seawasp, is a mutual LJ friend of mine.

I must say, it was a GREAT day. I have piles of work to do on Monday, including what I hope to be a 10-day mad dash to finish the digital pre-press work for the book. I have a busy day on Sunday, too, which is fairly typical for active Latter-Day Saints. Today, then, seemed like a good day to take off. Granted, I only took HALF the day off, and then I turned my vacation time into a book review, which technically recategorizes the second half of the day as work, too, but still… it FELT like a vacation.

And that felt good.

6 thoughts on “I got a vacation day…”

  1. When is the book scheduled to be ready to sell? By Penguicon, perchance?

    (Carefully does not mention that the Penguicon guys might try to scrape up some last-minute cash to fly you in as the Chaos Machine wrangler, if you were purely hypothetically up for it. Also doesn’t mention that if they do this they’d also find you free crash space, although this would probably mean sharing a hotel room. Especially doesn’t mention that they _said_ they were going to contact you about this a week ago…)

    1. Book schedule depends on how quickly I can get layout finished. My most optimistic schedule has it arriving just in time for me to pass it in the air while flying to Detroit. Pre-orders will be open by then, though, and I’ll have a preview people can look at.

      Penguicon 4.0 would be fun. Have the guys contact me or Sandra ASAP. Since my trip to Emerald City Comic-Con just got cancelled, April is free again.


  2. Isn’t it awesome, loving what you do enough that “work” can be a “vacation” day?

    Truly to be lauded, even envied, if one goes for that sort of thing.

  3. Excellent Plug, Howard!

    And I’ll continue to plug more Schlock. “Tayler Corporation” has featured moments in the next one, and I still intend to give Tagon’s Toughs a cameo in my projected space opera.

    1. Re: Excellent Plug, Howard!

      When Howard got to the cameo page he looked up at me and grinned “I found it!” He was virtuous and waited until he read the book to read the pages. I just looked at the note you provided and peeked at the pages in question. But Howard won’t tell me about the supergirl scenes. He says I just need to read them in context. There goes all my free time for the next 3 days.

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