Thanks, guys.

I just want to publicly say thanks to the crew at the Keep last night. We didn’t end up RPGing. I had too much work to do to take a break to roll up a Mutants and Masterminds character. Still, everybody hung out for four hours after the store closed shooting several varieties of bull.

And as a result I was able to ink an entire week in one sitting there at the end of the table. I REALLY needed to get that work done. So… a big thank you to danwillis, Jason, Ari, Jeremy, and gearworks. It’s weird, but for some reason the inane conversations of geeks and gamers helps me work.

In related news, if anybody has a drawing table or drafting table they want to donate to The Dragon’s Keep in Provo, UT, I have it on good authority that they’ll carve out a corner of the store for me on a regular basis.

5 thoughts on “Thanks, guys.”

  1. As a note, if you like Mutants and Masterminds, I’ve found another superhero game that I think works a lot better for the superhero genre. Truth and Justice is an indie game. Very awesome. Fast paced, more emphasis on storytelling than mechanics- by a signifigant amount.

  2. Ask, and Ye Shall Receive

    I have an oak drafting table that is missing the arm, so I guess it’s really just a tilty table with a rubber mat on it.

    The important part about this table is that it is currently disassembled in my garage, awaiting the day I find room for it in my office–a day that will probably never come.

    If you can haul it, you can have it.

  3. I often find it easier to draw while on the phone or listening to conversation, too. Maybe it keeps my left brain from getting bored while my right brain does most of the work? 🙂

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