25 thoughts on “Fire in the Belly”

      1. You’re making me hungry.

        Here I sit, in a convalescent care facility working on getting my foot repaired, and you had to tempt me with this… :sigh:

        I want a habanero.

        But this reminds me of the look Pi got when he crunched into what he thought was a jalapeno pepper but turned out to be a serrano. This is one of the many reasons why I don’t like to let the boy go shopping on his own.
        Make sure he doesn’t get peanut oil at CostCo… With me out of commission, I’m just wondering how the roomies are managing to get food. Prolly better than I am; canned spinach is an act of war. I think Popeye didn’t get the strength boost from the spinach, per se, but the vileness of the flavor.

        In any case, I’m sorry I missed your birthday. I hope you enjoy being thirty-eight. I’m less than seven weeks behind you, and I’m constantly being told by the nurses and therapists here how ‘young’ I am. That’s jarring, in a way, but then again this is a nursing home, in essence. The average denizen is prolly twice my age, and definitely more feeble.

        Take care!

  1. A local compant has made jalpeno flavored potato chips for some time. They recently started making habanero flavored ones.

    Having a friend handy who *likes* hot stuff, I decided to give the jalpeno ones a try. My friend got the rest of the bag. And *neither* of us is willing to try the habanero flavored ones!

    1. According to my own taste buds, Jalapenos are all about the heat, but Habaneros actually have tons more flavor… so you might want to give them a try… sparingly. maybe?

      1. Trouble is, I only see them in the *big* bags. Don’t feel like wasting a buck and ahalf on something I may not be able to eat.

        One the other hand, I *love* their wasabi flavored chips. 🙂

      2. Odd… it seems to be the opposite for me.

        Then again, I *did* like the experimental ‘pickles of doom’ a friend of mine made by adding a well-diced hbanero to a jar of dill pickles and letting it sit a week.

    2. I acquired a bag of those once, when I noticed them in my dorm’s vending machine.
      Not sure which, jalapeno or habanero or what.
      Whatever, they were hot chips, I figured, hey, I like hot stuff, I’ll try that.
      I ate one or two, concluded they were DEATH IN POTATO CHIP FORM, and foisted the rest off on my friends.

      1. My mate decided shortly after we started cohabitating that all Texans must be spice-crazy. He had never tasted so much spicy food, he said.

        “Who, me?” I said. “That’s funny. I never thought of myself as spice-crazed.” And he just pointed at the munchies in my hand.

        They were peas which had been cooked crispy and coated with green wasabi. “Oh. nevermind.” heh.

          1. My current preffered mix is to get two bags of the wasabi rice crackers (rice crackers, wasabi peas and what I can only describe as wasabi cheetos) on bag of the large “regular rice crackers and a bag of wasabi peas. Mix well.


      2. Be glad you never tried the Ketchhuip-flavored ones. It wasn’t that they were “death”. Just that they screamed KETCHUP at your tongue.

  2. Yum, habanaro. While I don’t eat them directly, I do make my own hot sauce from them. I will try to remember to get the recipe and post it when I get home. I also have a ginger sauce that you may be interested in.

  3. the problem with eating habaneros

    is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving, as it were.

    Johnny Cash sang a song which is relevant to the next day’s effects.

    1. Re: the problem with eating habaneros

      Wonderfully stated.

      For those of you wondering, “Walk the Line” is NOT the song referenced.

  4. There’s a place downtown called Cabo’s that makes a habenero shrimp sandwich which is absolutely delish. I always go, however, with a friend who also likes shrimp, so we can “cheat.” The entire sandwich is just too much, so one of us gets a basic grilled shrimp sandwich, the other, the habanero one, and we split it.

    mmmmmmmm now I have a craving.

  5. I had some habanero jelly at a party recently. You spread it real thin on a cracker (like the Aussies do with their Vegemite) and it makes a nice low burn that lasts for several minutes. Plus it’s sweet and tastes good.

  6. Here’s a tip for eating peppers: have a glass of milk handy. Nothing puts out the fire like milk. Water is basically useless.

    1. Sugar-water is better. Sugar milk might be better still.

      8oz water, 1/3 to 1/2 cup of sugar. A little sip will put the fire out. Then you can keep going.

      1. Huh, neat. I’d heard milk, hadn’t heard sugar.

        I have something like no ability to cope with spicy, but this sounds helpful in case of accidents. 😉

  7. The milk (suposedly) helps because of the fat and lactose in it. Both have a distinctive flavor, and the fat coats the tastebuds after the lactose has netralized the flavor.

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