12 thoughts on “Having driven in San Francisco before…”

  1. I was impressed with his backgrounds. You can tell it’s SF just from looking at ’em.

    Unless, of course, you’re some mambsy pambsy who’s never watched Full House.

      1. Mostly they’re 30-40 degrees by my judgement (I left my protractor at home, airline weapons rules and all that…). 😉 There was one particularly nasty one I recall, I think it was on Queen Anne Hill. I wouldn’t want to go up or down it with even a hint of a breeze of frost on the ground…

        1. Yeah, Queen Anne Hill is nuts. I live on Capitol Hill/First Hill, myself, and the streets around here are… 20-25 degrees at their worst. At least in my part of the neighborhood.

      2. First time I drove in SF was in my Jeep — manual transmission. *That’s* a trip, especially when you’re the first car at one of those stop signs that’s just below the crest of a hill. The kids I was driving for that day’s field trip realized why seatbelts are a really good thing…

  2. Yep…

    As we speak, I live near and drive in San Francisco.

    Trust me, he was NOT exaggurating, even with the last panel.

    Usually, tho, you have the fun of being on a 50+ degree slope.

    In traffic.

    In the rain.

    It does make you feel good about the quality of your brakes and tires…

  3. Much as I love Schlock, for the last few weeks, Real Life has been the strip that’s made me laugh out loud consistently — and read out loud to my wife.

    Yes, we recently moved. And we live in the Bay Area.

  4. Meep. I’m a flatlander, a coastal gal. I’ve been to SF, and will never ever nevernevernever drive there. I’ll walk, first, should the occasion ever arise. Even if it takes 3 days.

    Putting my “no clue about hills” self in a car there would be asking me to die.. and perhaps take half the population of SF with me. /shudder

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