Next time you’re in a video store…

Next time you’re in a video store, have a gander at the back of the 1976 remake of King Kong (DVD). There’s a photo of Jessica Lange kneeling in the palm of Kong’s hand, topless-but-covering-herself, and Kong is poking her with his finger.

Poking her in the crotch.

I should have scanned the picture from the back of the box before returning the video to Blockbuster, but this way y’all can have a chuckle the next time you’re out renting something else. And I do recommend you rent something ELSE. I have fond memories of the 1976 film, but that’s because I was eight years old and didn’t know that gorillas are supposed to knuckle-walk, not stride-and-stomp. Baker’s monkey-suit Kong looked like Sasquatch on a sound stage. (Jessica Lange was totally hot, though. I didn’t notice THAT when I was eight.)


10 thoughts on “Next time you’re in a video store…”

  1. You Bastard!

    You seem so mature. You should be OLDER than me. You aren’t.

    I assure you that I noticed Jessica Lange was hot. In ’76 I was 14.

    The movie did suck.

    1. Re: You Bastard!

      admittidly, there is quite some difference between 8 and 14. however, as I know 6-year-olds who would notice she was hot (not my fault, i swear. pervy lil kids)… yeah. the only limit is like 4 or something. actually, i dunno. if you tried hard enough, you could corrupt a lil kid like that. not that i would do such a thing, 6-year-olds cracking sex jokes is bad enough.

  2. Hehe, I remember that movie! Sorta. Actually, all I remember is the WTC and the helicopters at the end. It made an impression on me because we also got American Movie Classics on cable, so I’d seen the original with the biplanes. :>

  3. Yeah I remember that movie, it did suck and they tried to make up for that by introducing a load of sexual innuendo… which when your co-star is a 80 ft ape, is kinda pervvy.

    The hype was worse, the movie poster had Kong astride the WTC twin towers, [which in reality are a few hundred feet apart], and roaring at Concorde which is going down in flames… Concorde isn’t even in the movie.

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