Funny quote from Linucon

So… I’m sitting in Artists’ Alley drawing Alicia, and we started discussing whether or not I could do caricatures that would make UGLY people happy.

My answer: “I’m sorry. Your money’s no good here. You’re ugly.”

We laughed really hard. I laughed so hard I cried, mostly at the thought that I could put that on a t-shirt I’d wear at my table.


8 thoughts on “Funny quote from Linucon”

  1. Howard Taylor: He makes ugly people look good.

    Oh, the many possible instances where a shirt like that would be appropriate… Thank you so much for the awesome caricature! I stared at it nearly the whole way home…when I wasn’t sleeping…or laughing at the useless dribble of words that came out of our sleep deprived mouths…Anywho, It’s amazing.

  2. I once had a discussion with some friends who were in mock trial on the legal validity of the argument “Objection you Honor, counsel is ugly.” Not sure if they ever used it though. (Judges being rather less funny on average than cartoonists.)

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