High points of Day 2:

1) I drew lots more commissions, and sold some originals this afternoon. I’m pleased with the amount of money I’ve made, and the amount of fun I’ve had making it. This has been, for me anyway, a profitable show. And I’ve got at least three hours to do artwork tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it.

2) My morning panel, on online business, went really, really well. Giles Schildt of Steve Jackson Games sat on the panel with me, and we discussed revenue streams, business planning, and the perils of carrying inventory.

3) Dinner with the Connie, Larry, and their crew was delicious. We ate at PappaDeaux (pronounced “Poppa-Doze”), and I had a scrumptious soft-shelled crab. It looked like a great, big, deep-fried bug. It was as much a visual treat as a comestible one.

4) I judged the cosplay. It was a little sparse again this year, with only five entrants, but it was also quite fun. The winners were a pair of guys who cosplayed Tycho and Gabe from Penny Arcade, and they earned their victory. Their costumes were hastily assembled, but accurate, and their performance was over the top. Tycho even ate his iPod mini, right there on stage.

That’s the news. I’ll post pictures in the con report once I’m back.


4 thoughts on “”

    1. Best seafood-eating line ever, spoken (supposedly) by Jerry Pournelle at a convention dinner while eating lobster:

      “Well, wretched sand-dweller! NOW will you tell us of your troop movements?”

      He and Niven loved it so much they used a variation of it in The Gripping Hand. Me, I’m just waiting for the opportunity to embarrass my wife with it. 😀

  1. It’s actually “Pappa-Doze” (The family name is “Pappas”, not “Poppas” – longer ‘a’. My mother used to deal with Greg Pappas before he died)


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