17 thoughts on “Back from Linucon, and with a new Avatar”

        1. Re: Manga/Anime Howard?

          It’s the “I’ve got a Strohl Munitions BH-209 Plasgun behind I’m my back and I’m just looking for an excuse to use it” look

    1. Yes, this image makes him look rather.. which is the best description, timid or meek? His own drawing has a look like he knows a bit more than he is saying, if he’s not outright up to something.

      1. Yes, exactly. The look that “he knows a bit more than he is saying” is what makes both images scream “accountant,” in my opinion. 🙂

  1. Freaky. I don’t see “timid” or “meek”, but rather “quietly insane”.

    “Hmph. Yes. I thought you might think it sounded crazy. You won’t think it’s crazy after I flip this switch, though.

    Then you’ll just think it’s very, very painful.”

    No sinister laugh, just a slight, anticipatory widening of they eyes.


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