A quick Shout to my Orem peeps

I just got back from a very enjoyable dinner with Derrill, Chris, and their wives whose names I’m afraid to try to commit to print because 1) with those names you could maybe identify these people and their families, and 2) I think I may have forgotten their names…

Anyway, dinner: they treated me to Korean food at Sam Hawk on Freedom Boulevard in Provo (it’s on the 500 block in the strip-mall where Storehouse Market used to be). It was delicious. I tried to eat with moderation, but ended up feeling quite full. Thanks, guys!

It’s nice meeting readers. I never know what to expect, and as much as they may think they know about me from my writings online, I doubt they really know what to expect either. It qualifies, therefore, as an adventure. I may be a 37-year-old, computer-softened, short, balding, white guy, but I’m an ADVENTURER!

(And I roll 20s).


5 thoughts on “A quick Shout to my Orem peeps”

  1. Google-ads?

    Did you have a hard time prospecting buyers for your ads yourself?

    What happened (if you’re willing to share, of course)?

  2. I don’t think Chris has lj, but I’m Derrill.

    I find myself only mildly concerned with being identified online, because
    1) I’m bigger and uglier than you, and
    2) If someone cloned my identity and attempted to like get credit cards that I had to pay for and stuff, I would spend hours laughing as I imagined their frustration. I have really bad credit.

    It is funny, really. I remarked to Howard last night… I lived in Provo and Orem for like 15 years, up until about a year and a half ago. I’ve been reading Schlock since … uh … since before 5000 uniques a day was a big deal, I don’t remember when that was …

    But it wasn’t until after I moved to Winnemucca NV that I thought “hey, I should take Howard out to lunch sometime! Blast, why didn’t I think of this two months ago?!”

    Oh, and Howard, do you have any interest in taking that little sketch further, for money?

  3. Fear the man who rolls 20’s, suspect the man who rolls them often.

    I’ve met a few people offline that I formerly only knew online. I’ve only met one that I really liked. Oh sure me and the rest now have a few in jokes we can bandy about online, but its sometimes wierd to find out the real flesh person is so different from the virtual person.

    I’ve met good down home people (a rarity in the “big city”), and I’ve met some outright freaks. The internet is a mixed bag, be careful.

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