Incomprehensible to the last…

We finished watching Alexander tonight, and it was incomprehensible right up to the end.

I got more drama, more emotion, more ecstasy and anguish out of 10 minutes of working my shoulder out with a giant rubber band than I got out of that entire movie.


9 thoughts on “Incomprehensible to the last…”

  1. Old man: Alexander was loved for a little bit because he conquered everything… In fact, this one time while we were conquering this place…
    Scribe: Dude, what’s up? We’re trying to get the gloss over for the back cover..
    Old man: I DON’T CARE! MY M.. STORY!
    Scribe: Well, wake me up when you’re done.

  2. That’s why, legally, they weren’t allowed to call it Alexander the Great. MPAA almost made them title it Alexander the Don’t Bother.

    1. I thought the original working title for the script was Alesxander the Pretty Average Oliver Stone Flick but that had to be shortened for time, legal, and ego constrictions.

      Okay, Stone’s ego has no limitations, but there were still time, space, and money to consider.

  3. How you make up for blatent fan-service for the guys is do blatent fan-service for the women, like Tagon and someone similarily built in Speedos having a similar conversation (ie the male equivalent)…

    but that wouldn’t make me happy… so yeah…

    I’m just mad about the blatent fan service…

    I’ll get over it…

    1. I think you misunderstood the joke:

      Fanservice for guys = women in bikinis
      Fanservice for girls = women talking about relationships (“chick flick”)

      Don’t get mad about the fan service. Get mad about the fact that I poked fun at the female predilection towards films in which people talk about their relationships. 🙂


      1. lol… now it’s funny :)… thanks for clearing that up 😀

        PS since the DOUBLE fanservice was intended, I can’t really be mad…

        I just personally don’t like most chick-flicks (exception: Legally Blonde)

  4. Alexander is out on DVD? Woot! Thanks muchly for the heads up, even if you didn’t enjoy the film.

    {runs to Amazon}

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