Safe arrival…

Sandra, the kids, the minivan, and I all arrived safely at Grandma’s howse. The trip took almost exactly 13 hours, during which time we traversed 800 miles (give or take 10) and stopped for two hours’ worth of breaks. 800/11 will give you my average speed, which I assure you is lower by at least 5mph than the average the LAST time I took a trip this long.

The haircut has obviously turned me into a conservatively defensive, middle-class, minivan driver.

We took some pictures along the way, but I haven’t pulled ’em from the camera yet. They’re funny — I’ll post them soon.

We also saw a “Highway Cleaned By” sign that forced a double-take. It was for the Shatterhands Holding Company.

“Mister Shatterhands, as your marketing VP and image consultant, I think we should rename the company. You know, to instill a little more faith in our customers that the company has the ability to actually HOLD things.”

*sigh* The whole fam-damily just sat down for dinner, and I’m told my presence is required…

7 thoughts on “Safe arrival…”

      1. Yeah, but if Scissorhands’ first name was “Edward”, what’s Shatterhands’ first name? “Melvin?”


  1. Hey, we think it’s cool that we know you and you know Greg Dean!
    When you see Greg Dean tell him we are big fans and are planning on buying shirt ninja t-shirts for each other for christmas.
    (Ross will want a Tagon shirt too.)
    If we get a raise, we’ll buy them before Christmas.
    We wish we could do more to support our favorite online cartoonists!
    Have a good trip!

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