Yay for no more barf…

Thursday night Gleek (my 4-year-old) barfed all over the back of the minivan while we were on our way to Fremont for bed.

Long story short, we got cleaned up at a gas station, and then Sandra and I got not-enough-sleep while taking care of dry-heave girl all night. Finally I took to a couch, and Sandra went it alone.

Friday morning Sandra slept in, while I helped with breakfast for the 9 kids who were NOT sick. Then everybody except Gleek and I went to the beach. She slept until 2:30-ish (I napped in the same room with her), and then woke up feeling great. She bounced off the walls, ate, drank, kept it all down, and finally settled enough to watch a movie with me.

I thought I might get some drawing done on Friday, but I only did a little. My hand has been hurting in a very strange and disturbing way, and I wanted to give it as much rest as possible. When I DID draw, it turned out that whatever is wrong with my hand isn’t wrong enough that it hurts when I draw. This is good news — even if it’s not better by next Thursday when the buffer must be cranked from two days to two weeks as fast as I’m able to crank it.

Anyway, today we’re all thankful that Gleek is better (though doing a lot of sleeping), and nobody else has barfed. Especially ME. Whatever that little girl had, we managed to keep her from giving it away.


3 thoughts on “Yay for no more barf…”

  1. Kids are absolutely amazing in their capacity to rebound.

    With regards to your hand – have you considered tendonitis? I have it because I hold my pen too tightly.

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